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Q: Why should I insure my goods?

A: Despite the specialist preparation of the treasured contents of your home for shipment, including meticulous export-wrapping of furniture, careful packing of small items of glass and china into export cartons, and professional loading of your shipping container, inherent risks specific to household shipments can never be entirely eliminated.

As you are exporting your movable assets to another country, it is inconceivable to take the risk of something happening to this overseas asset investment without your household goods being comprehensively covered for any and all risks.

Q: Why insure my goods through Centriq Insurance?

A: Our International Transit Insurance Policy is especially designed to insure household goods, personal effects, antiques, fine arts, motor vehicles, etc. for international transit. Coverage is All Risks, door-to-door, subject to certain conditions and exclusions. These conditions and exclusions are detailed on the final page of the insurance application form.

Generally speaking, our insurance programme provides the most comprehensive cover available for international moves.

In the event of the vessel carrying your household goods having to be salvaged, the costs for such an operation would be covered by the Insurance Policy. The same principle will apply if in a storm, containers were jettisoned overboard to save the vessel.

Provision to insure the shipping and packing charges is provided. In the event of total loss of your shipment, the insurance settlement overseas would include your shipping and packing charges in the appropriate space on the application for insurance.

With Pickfords Removals, you will also benefit from…

  • Political Riot Cover: for all removals in South Africa.
  • a New Replacement Value: for you this means ultimate peace of mind. If an item is lost or cannot be repaired, it will be replaced. This policy does not inflict depreciated values on you.

It is only through 90 years of removal experience that we are able to offer you genuine ALL risk insurance cover at competitive rates. For your peace of mind, all you need to do is complete the Insurance Application Form, valuing all your effects at replacement values, and submit it to us before your move day.

Q: When and for how long will I be covered?

A: From the time of commencement of packing by Allied Pickfords, until delivery at your destination home, your shipment is covered by the International Marine Insurance Policy. If unpacking is undertaken by our appointed destination agent, then cover is extended to cover the unpacking. This should take place within 7 days of delivery. Storage cover for up to 30 days in South Africa and in the country of destination is included.

Storage in country of destination is covered for 30 days if stored in an enclose warehouse, approved by an agent. Click for more details on our Terms and Conditions of Insurance.

Extending Storage Period
Should you require your goods to be stored whilst being moved, this Insurance will cover your items/goods whilst in storage, provided you promptly advise the Carrier in writing of your intention to store your goods. An additional premium will be charged.

Q: How should I value my goods?

A: The replacement cost of your possessions at destination should be determined by you, and these values should be declared on a per-item basis on a proposal form, supplied by Allied Pickfords. A proposal form serves as your application for International Transit Insurance, and this document lists property usually encountered in overseas moves. If adequate for your requirements, this detailed and completed application should suffice.

You may however compile your own detailed valued inventory, if so preferred, due to the application possibly not making provision for all your possessions. Only the items you specifically declare and value are insured, and it is therefore imperative that you devote quality time in preparing your application for removals insurance. We cannot over-emphasise the importance of accurate, detailed, valued inventories.

With the exception of motor vehicles, your possessions should be VALUED AT THE NEW REPLACEMENT RETAIL COST IN YOUR COUNTRY OF DESTINATION. The relatively weak value of the Rand, against most currencies, should be taken into consideration, as the local SA Rand replacement value of your household will not be adequate for the replacement cost overseas. You may insure in any currency, but it is advisable to use the currency of the destination country.

Once we have received your completed application, confirmation of insurance will be provided to you.

Additional information about the Insurance:

The insurance cover is underwritten by Centriq Insurance Company Limited a licensed non-life insurer and authorised financial services provider, FSP No. 3417. Please submit in writing your intention to claim within 7 days after delivery, and thereafter make sure that you submit your claim forms/documents within 30 days of sending us this notice. For more information regarding the Insurance Service, feel free to e-mail us at

Pickfords, a division of The Laser Transport Group (Pty) Ltd, is licensed as a Financial Services Provider FSP 9364 which, in terms of the FAIS Act of 2002, entitles us to operate in an intermediary services capacity in short-term insurance.

Although we are obviously very generous in terms of the period in which to record a claim, we advise you to treat this with urgency, as we would like you to have your home overseas restored soonest, to ease the settling process for you and your family.