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Anti-corruption and Bribery Commitment


Pickfords Removals strives to be an ethical corporate citizen and is committed to working against bribery and corruption in all its forms. Our staff is prohibited from offering or accepting any bribes which could unfairly influence the outcome of business decisions. Also, they may not make facilitation payments to foreign officials when conducting business in countries outside South Africa, whether or not that country has anti-corruption laws.

As our stringent anti-bribery & anti-corruption practises form part of our focus on the highest quality removal services, these practices were embedded in our Quality Manual which is in force at all our branches.

As a FIDI FAIM certified company we embrace the FIDI Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Charter. This Charter is customised to the removals industry and guarantees a common understanding on the topics of bribery and corruption. We adhere to the Charter’s principles by following its Code of Conduct and communicating the Charter to our staff, clients and agents.

Pickfords Removals aims to work only with suppliers who have the same ethical code of conduct. Therefore, we have launched a Supplier Code of Conduct outlining our responsible business commitments we expect our suppliers to share. This Supplier Code of Conduct can be downloaded here.