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Moving overseas, be it to France, New Zealand, India or the UAE, is a daunting experience for many: a new land, a new life and whole lot of headaches. Overseas moves require shrewd and substantial planning to execute smoothly. An experienced partner to guide you through the demanding process can be hugely beneficial, especially in difficult destinations like China or Russia.

Pickfords offers world-class international removal services, door-to-door anywhere in the world and a personalised support system that advises you every step of the way. Whether you’re moving from Namibia to Switzerland, Singapore to Mozambique, Pickfords ensure that your personal possessions arrive in faultless condition and your worries are completely taken care of.

A crucial aspect to any international move is negotiating personal effects through customs. In locations such as China, where already convoluted policy may change swiftly and without notice, having a savvy partner can spare you a whole lot of trouble.

Pickfords have over 100 years’ experience in international removals and we pride ourselves in our close and on-going relationships with customs in each country in which we operate. In addition to providing personalised advice to our clients, assisting them critical forms and offering cost-saving guidance, our customers can also track their moves in real-time online, providing them with further peace of mind.

When it comes to your personal effects, Pickfords understands they deserve personal attention. We train our staff to engage empathetically with customers, realising that people trust us to move their entire households and cherished possessions across the world. Client satisfaction is a key measure in the independent audit of our systems carried out by Ernst and Young.

This stringent audit for the acquisition of our prestigious quality accreditation, the FIDI/FAIM certificate, guarantees the highest levels excellence when moving overseas, whether it be to France, Mozambique or the UAE. For this reason, Pickfords is recognised by colleagues and clients alike as one of the world’s premier moving companies.